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What we don't like:

ZenCash is looking to have a decentralized governance system, but they also implemented the ability for the core team to veto a proposal. Even though this may just be a precautionary measure to stop a destructive proposal, it still takes away the decentralized aspect.






What we like:

Operating a node only takes 42 Zen tokens, which means there will be lots of nodes to create a true secure network because the current price is affordable compared to other node based coins. Zen has everything that most privacy tokens have and more. Implementing governance as a service (a staple of Decred) combined with the features of other great privacy coins. Zen contains Zksnarks ( a shielding mechanism) because it is a fork of Zcash which is a fork of Zclassic, which is one of the best ways to shield transactions. Zen will also contain a way to shield messages with private communication, which helps aid transaction. The team is comprised of members who have experience in working at Bitshares, BlockPay, Cisco Systems and more. The advisory team is established as well, with Charles Hoskinson on the board who is the CEO of IOHK and currently behind Cardano, a valuable strategic partner to have. ZenCash is also looking to have a rebrand which could potentially bring a lot of excitement to the project.


Current Supply: 2,455,648

Algorithm: Equihash