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What we don't like:

Most large projects coming into the cryptocurrency space are going to want to use their own blockchain or a blockchain that is most widely used and compatible. At the moment that platform is currently Ethereum, so we can see a gap in usage of the platform for token creation until crypto currencies become more mainstream. It is a nice addition to the community, but nothing revolutionary at the moment.


What we like:

Waves is a quick way for creating tokens that represent whatever the creator would like. The cost is very low at only one wave to create. It hosts a click and run interface that can be used on chrome or any browser. The Waves platform also has a decentralized exchange with a fiat gateway which is something very sought after in the market. The great thing about platform projects is that as more developers build their businesses on the network, the bigger the network grows, so the growth in the company will be very healthy as new projects build on the Waves network.


Blockchain: Waves

Similar Coins: Ethereum, NEO, Ubiq, Qtum, Stellar Lumens

Current Supply: 100,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable