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What we don't like:

Wanchain may be doing too much. The most successful companies are often the most simple. Wanchain is attempting to break into some of the most crowded crypto markets with a platform coin, decentralized exchange, blockchain loans and universal wallets. They may lose market share to companies focused on each of those products individually. Overall, they may get spread too thin. Wanchain’s success will be determined on the need for a combination of all these blockchain features.

What we like:

Wanchain combines a platform blockchain, a decentralized exchange, and a multi-currency wallet. This conglomerate of features is the recipe for a blockchain “Bank”. People will be able to create digital assets on Wanchain and exchange them for assets on or off Wanchain. They can then store them on their Wanchain wallet. If the platform is successful and easy to use, it could open a world of financial possibilities within the Wanchain system.


Blockchain: Wanchain

Current Supply: 106,152,493

Algorithm: Not Mineable