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What we don't like:

Walton could be ahead of its time. If the world is not ready to embrace RFID chips, that would be terrible for Walton. It’s hard to imagine with companies trying to move entirely towards automation they would turn their back on this revolutionary technology.




What we like:

The founder of Walton is Xu Fangcheng. He founded the South Korean men’s apparel company, Fujian Septwolves Industry. A company now worth over 7 billion dollars.  One of the senior advisors for Walton is, Jie Xiji, a former VP at Samsung. Walton is combining RFID technology and the blockchain. They are producing their own RFID chips. The Waltonchain allows for subchains, this allows companies to keep track of tangible items on the blockchain, cutting significant costs currently involved in monitoring inventory. Walton is trying to revolutionize retail, and has the connections to get it done.


Blockchain: Waltonchain

Similar Coins: VeChain

Current Supply: 24,898,178

Algorithm: PoST