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What we don't like:

Veritaseum is very confusing. The website doesn’t provide much information on what the coin actually does. The best way to find information is through Reggie Middleton’s blog or hours of youtube videos. It appears that Veritaseum is a platform for portfolio investing across all types of crypto and non-crypto assets. The ERC20 coin used in the platform, named Veri, doesn’t seem to do anything Eth can’t do. The team seems very small, while working on many projects. It’s hard to tell if this coin is a scam. Veritaseum seems to be coming out with other platforms, but I would certainly wait until they are released before investing.

What we like:

Veritaseum is a platform created by Reggie Middleton. Reggie Middleton has been in the financial markets for decades and has correctly predicted many of the financial crashes during the last decade.



Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Aidos Kuneen, Bitdeal, FirstCoin

Current Supply: 2,011,134

Algorithm: Not Mineable