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What we don't like:

There is tremendous upside for privacy coins in the space. The only downside to verge is the possible competition, but they stand to rise above or close to a lot of their competitors.





What we like:

Verge Coin, is a privacy and security focused cryptocurrency token that utilizes the TOR network to anonymize IP addresses on its public ledger. One of the few coins that does not aim to have ledger obfuscation by tying itself into the TOR network to block I.P addresses on the ledger. All the wallet technology is available for consistent updates. The roadmap is available and on track. One of the most important factors about this coin is that the developer team is community run with over 50 developers making constant updates. Implementations into popular applications like Discord and Telegram are currently in the works.


Similar Coins: Bytecoin, CloakCoin, Dash, Groestlcoin, Komodo, Monero, NAV Coin, SmartCash, Particl, PIVX, Vertcoin, ZCoin, Zcash, ZenCash

Blockchain: Verge

Current Supply: 14,592,406,706

Algorithm: Proof of Stake