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What we don't like:

Ubiq basically made Ethereum simple. It is hard to see how in the next five years, once ethereum has implemented all of its upgrades such as Casper, Proof of stake etc. that Ubiq will still have a need in the marketplace. It is possible that Enterprises may be happy using Ethereum or another solution specifically tailored to their industry.


What we like:

Ubiq is one of the few coins with an existing company behind it. Ubiq Technologies Inc. was founded with 5 members that have been involved with the cryptocurrency space for several years. Ubiq simplify smart contract technology. Qwark and APX are two existing ERC20 tokens that are already existing on the Ubiq network. The tech is released, functional with a solid team. As more fear comes into the development of Ethereum, Ubiq can be used as a solid hedge to prevent any losses if you are an Ethereum holder.


Blockchain: Ubiq

Similar Coins: Waves, Qtum

Current Supply: 38,207,642

Algorithm: Ethash