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What we don't like:

There isn’t much doubt that the Tron project will stand to be successful in the long term. There does stand to be some opportunity risk by investing in Tron, considering the supply of tokens are very high and due to market perception of high supply tokens, they tend to have less volatility than other projects in the space. As with anything, decentralized protocols like Tron also stand to be a contributor in the regulation of cryptocurrencies due to their destabilization of the power structures of the centralized media.




What we like:

Tron is one of those grassroot type projects whose mission statement is rooted in cryptocurrency fundamentalists ideals. The goal for Tron and its developers is to heal the internet and give data security and control back to the everyday people who use the internet. This is not a project being orchestrated solely for commercial gain, though the decentralized digital entertainment ecosystem that is ripe with opportunity. Justin Sun, mentee of Alibaba founder Jack Ma and founder of Peiwo app, is the creator of the Tron ecosystem. He is a former ripple representative for China and is very qualified to run a project of this magnitude. The Peiwo app will be the first compatible entertainment application to be used on the Tron network. The Peiwo user base totals over 10 million users. The Tron project has the potential to foster an extreme progressive culture around it that will keep the platform growing over the time, a key ingredient for long-term stability.


Blockchain: Tron

Similar Coins: ATM Chain

Current Supply: 65,394,999,999

Algorithm: Not Mineable