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What we don't like:

A large portion of the success of TenX is dependent upon the securing of their banking license, and the acceptance of cryptocurrency as legal tender in businesses and society. TenX has difficulty in maintaining a global business partner.  When their card comes out it will be restricted to a few areas. There won’t be demand for a limited use debit card. With the BAKKT system coming out from the NYSE, debit card cryptos like TenX may become unnecessary.


What we like:

The team behind TenX Pay is one of the most professional teams in the cryptocurrency space. The project itself is one that will help draw more attention of the crypto space to the mainstream. By utilizing the Comit protocol, and the Comit Network, TenX will be able to implement cross-chain payments.


Blockchain: Comit Network

Similar Coins: Monaco, Centra

Current Supply: 104,661,310

Algorithm: Not Mineable