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What we don't like:

The use of the Blockmarket (the marketplace in which Syscoin is the currency) is bare. The idea is great, but for Syscoin to be successful it needs to be a usable coin and not just a storage of value. They team is developing a web-based Blockmarket. In its current form, it must be downloaded. Hopefully, the web-based market allows this coin to reach its full potential. Investing in it before the web-based market is available is betting that the team releases a user-friendly marketplace.

What we like:

Syscoin is a great use for cryptocurrency. They have created a peer-to-peer shopping network using the Syscoin as payment. Syscoin is a craigslist for cryptocurrency. Syscoin allow people to name their wallets for easy distribution. Syscoin has set up a method of escrow between the buyer and seller to make sure that the funds are sent only when the product is received.


Blockchain: Omni

Similar Coins: Particl

Current Supply: 528,154,377

Algorithm: SHA-256