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What we don't like:

Substratum will need a large group of early adopters in order for the network to be successful since nodes will be run by users. Also governance of content can be an issue if more than 51% of the network with an agenda to create a certain type of malicious content use the network.




What we like:

Substratum has the ability to change the foundation of the internet. Most of the data stored on the internet is done through Amazon web hosting services. If substratum can easily and efficiently drop the cost compared to Amazon for hosting web data, then we can see substratum emerge into one of the top ten projects in the crypto space for a very long time. Substratum is also gearing themselves to succeed in the long term by creating multiple products, such as SubstratumDNS, Substratum Host and cryptopay which is a payment gateway service for websites to accept cryptocurrencies of their choice which uses the substrate token as the bridge currency.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: MaidSafeCoin, Aion

Current Supply: 226,091,449

Algorithm: Not Mineable