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What we don't like:

Streamr may see some pushback from major companies like google and facebook whose product is selling individuals data. The will have an uphill battle to put people in charge of their own data. Streamr doesn’t have a working product. Any investment in Streamr is a gamble that the developers will make good on their promises.



What we like:

Streamr is a data marketplace. A great use of blockchain technology. The Streamr platform allows individuals to sell own data. This would put users in charge of the data that companies are selling it anyway. The Streamr platform will also allow for data licensing rights. This allows for people to pay for access to data for a limited time. This could be huge amongst universities, research institutions, lawyers, investors hospitals, anyone in a position to rent data. The streamer platform also allows for easy to make smart contract, and Dapps.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: GXShares

Current Supply: 677,154,514

Algorithm: Not Mineable