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What we don't like:

Stratis had first movers advantage but didn’t utilize their time as the sole blockchain platform that tailors to businesses. Now, they have serious competitors, and there are only so many blockchains to go around. They also have to compete with contractors that help companies join the blockchain. Stratis’ success ultimately depends on the rate of adoption for blockchain technology. If enough businesses join, there could be enough clients for everyone.

What we like:

The Stratis business plan is great. One of the long-term uses of Stratis is the first platform blockchain meant to easily integrate businesses onto the blockchain. If a business wants a blockchain, but they don’t want to develop it in house, Stratis will take care of the development and implementation for them.


Blockchain: Stratis

Similar Coins: Dragonchain, Neblio, NEM, Qtum

Current Supply: 98,593,357

Algorithm: Not Mineable