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What we don't like:

If the banking system adapts to the current changes within the marketplace by utilizing their own blockchain technology or partnering with another blockchain company, then Stellar Lumens will have a hard time trying to replace the current SWIFT system, as the solution to the problem of the SWIFT system being old and slow will already be present.





What we like:

Stellar Lumens has been a very stable and promising cryptocurrency that has been under development since 2014. Stellar is stacked with development talent on both the technological side and the business side. The advisory board includes the founder of, AngelList, and the CEO of Stripe. Stellar Lumens even boasts a team member and division put in place strictly for partnerships. This has proven to pay off because IBM recently announced that they would be partnering with Stellar Lumens for future development and usage for actual currency exchange. The transaction times are phenomenally fast at only 2-5 seconds which is a huge selling point. Stellar also has development tools and tutorials on their website for individuals who want to incorporate stellar into their products. All of the pieces for the Stellar Lumens project to grow into a staple in the crypto community are all there.


Current Supply: 17,715,179,39

Algorithm: Not Mineable