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What we don't like:

The SmartCash team all uses internet aliases instead of names. For many miniable coins such as Bitcoin and Monacoin I have no problem with this. They start the project and walk away. However the SmartCash team is getting paid from block rewards. On their website it says 80% of mining rewards goes to fund Smartcash projects as well as the team. Without disclosing how those funds are allocated. I don’t think this coin is an outright scam, but It does reek of communism. Advertise community orientation while take huge cuts off the top. SmartCash is is also somewhat inflationary due to there large amount released each month. It’s also hard to understand what the mining incentives are if they get less 20% of the mining rewards.

What we like:

SmartCash pays dividends with the smart rewards. 15% of the block rewards are divided amongst SmartCash holders. SmartCash allows the community to vote on what projects they want SmartCash to implement within the project.


Current Supply: 849,621,223

Algorithm: Keccak