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What we like:

Decentralized cloud storage is one of the most practical uses for the blockchain. It allows users to safely store files, without being held by one of the megalith internet companies. Siacoin also has easy mining, which users can participate in without having to purchase expensive mining equipment.



What we don't like:

Siacoin is the first to the crypto decentralized storage solutions game. They still have quite a ways to go from becoming mainstream. To run your storage through Sia, you must purchase Siacoin through another exchange, then transfer it on your Siacoin wallet. This limits their user base to only crypto users. Siacoin has a long way to go before taking on the mainstream cloud companies. Hopefully, they can fend off their blockchain competitors to become the first to reach people outside of crypto community.


Blockchain: Sia

Similar Coins: Enigma, MaidSafeCoin, Storj

Current Supply: 29,505,901,370

Algorithm: blake2b