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What we don't like:

The platform is still not out yet. Anytime you invest in a product before its released, you take the gamble that it's good. SALT as a platform could significantly underperform if they don’t have an inviting, easy-to-use interface. Issues will also arise if the platform isn't trustworthy.

What we like:

Salt uses cryptocurrency for collateral in blockchain backed loans. The concept is  original and necessary for the continued growth of the crypto space. It looks like salt put together a team that can handle the task. SALT Lending has a wide range of uses within the crypto market. SALT can attract big money into crypto currencies. SALT has the potential to increase the overall market cap of the entire crypto space.


Similar Coins: Ripio Credit Network, BitShares, Populous

Blockchain: Ethereum

Current Supply: 54,675,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable