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What we don't like:

It’s difficult for me to understand the purpose of putting a review site on the blockchain. The users get rewarded with the in-app currency, called RVN, which is different than the tradable Revain currency, R. Will people who are rewarded in RVN be able to exchange it for R? You can’t change your reviews. This is something they seem to be proud of, but people's opinions should be able to change over time and they should be able to reflect that on their review website. The site plans to start with ICO reviews. What are people reviewing from the ICO? How much they like or dislike the product? If the ICO was easy to participate in? Did it buy them Lambos? Many people can already write reviews of coins they’re excited about on Steemit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If you want to know about an ICO experience you can often find it on the coin's Reddit page. The project also incorporates AI to judge the quality of reviews, and not allowing people who are too upset to review. One of the most attractive parts of the blockchain is often its free speech nature. Having an AI bot decide what is speech is right or wrong is already a problem with much of the 2.0 internet. It is hard to see what Revain has over its non-blockchain competition.

What we like:

Revain gives cryptocurrency enthusiasts a place to review ICOs.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: N/A

Current Supply: 184,450,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable