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What we don't like:

Request Network has a huge climb ahead of them to be taken seriously as a PayPal-type system. Most people who are unfamiliar with crypto will be more comfortable with the apps they’re currently using. Those that are confirmable with the blockchain already have no issue sending money peer-to-peer with nominal fees. They also need major partnerships for online merchants, which are hard to come by.

What we like:

Request Network wants to become a one-stop shop integral payment system. The Request Network platform wants to become the Venmo and PayPal of the blockchain. They plan to be a peer-to-peer payment system as well as direct payment to online retailers. What separates REQ from existing payments systems, is that the blockchain would allow for an in-system audit. Businesses that run on the Request Network would have accurate books without having to bring in a third-party auditing company.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Monetha, OmiseGO

Current Supply: 636,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable