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What we don't like:

I’ve been unable to find who created Regalcoin. Most information about Regalcoin comes from its users posting their links in various locations online to try and gain followers. There is information that Regalcoin doesn’t allow people to access the Bitcoin they’ve put in for at least 90 days. That would explain its incredible rise in price since its release. It compares itself to bit connect and Ethconnect. With due diligence there's opportunities for incredible gaines in the crypto markets. I would personally stay away from coins that promise to do it for you in 90 days.

What we like:

There are people that claim to have made significant amounts of money with Regalcoin. If your someone who has been successful with MLM’s you may be able to make Regalcoin work for you.


Blockchain: Regalcoin

Similar Coins: Veritaseum

Current Supply: 2,810,000

Algorithm: X11