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What we don't like:

In Q3 of 2018 Rchain releases Mercury, their platform. It’s difficult to understand if Mercury will be a rebranding, or a new coin. In the Rchain white paper they discuss doing a possible ICO when Mercury is live. It appears Rchain is a company, and Mercury is the product promising great new blockchain tech. If you’re purchasing Rchain tokens pay attention to the Mercury release, if they tokenize Mercury it may take the value away from Rchain.



What we like:

If Rchain is able to make good on their promises, the technology could potentially be revolutionary. 40,000 transactions per second is incredible. No other coin on the market is close to that at the moment. Their co-op design is great. It is only $20 to become a member and every member gets one vote. The community can control decisions for the Rchain system, instead of those holding the most Rchain. Rchain will have a streamlined way for companies to switch over from other blockchains onto Rchain. This could increase the the adoption of the Rchain platform once the main-net is live. Rchain has an experienced  team, backed with the talent to implement the ideas they’re bringing to market.


Current Supply: 359,455,887

Algorithm: Not Mineable