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What we don't like:

As groundbreaking as this technology is, it is still in its primitive and experimental state. There is also a steady comparison that is constantly reun between NEO and Qtum, making it difficult to stand apart in the crypto community. Branding is a bit subpar and in need of a revamp.


What we like:

Qtum is using Bitcoin’s stability with Ethereum’s smart contracts and virtual machines, attempting to place themselves at the center of the internet of things. They are strategically involved in existing alliances like ACCESS and the Chamber of Digital commerce (members include CISCO, Wells Fargo and IBM). Github shows consistent changes and updates to the code meaning development is active and focused on improving. The team is based out of singapore which is very crypto friendly.    


Blockchain: Qtum

Similar Coins: Stratis, Dragonchain, Nebilo, Ubiq, NEM

Current Supply: 73,637,340

Algorithm: Not Mineable (Minted)