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What we don't like:

The energy industry is enormous, and it has taken decades for the world to accept a change into clean energy. It may take decades more for clean energy to be the world’s main energy producer. Power Ledger takes a risk by trying to bring new technology into an industry that is still trying to establish itself. The future of clean energy could go in hundreds of different ways, many of which will not include blockchain technology.




What we like:

Power Ledger allows for excess energy producers to sell their energy on the Power Ledger network. You will receive more money selling energy on POWR then selling back to the grid because there is no middleman. The network itself will boost and retain the value of the POWR token  because in order to use the Spark token (which is the token used on the network for buying and selling energy) you must gain access with POWR tokens. Power Ledger already received support from the Australian government. Australia is an area where solar panels are already prevalent. Therefore, integration into the system will be seamless. Power Ledger solves a real consumer problem in the energy space, and in a subset that is growing. Power Ledger has a solid team and a concise roadmap that is on par for producing in a timely fashion.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Grid+

Current Supply: 351,088,694

Algorithm: Not Mineable