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What we don't like:

For Populous to succeed it requires adoption. As a platform its success will rely on those willing to use it. Their entire platform will rely on trust. If 95%+ of the invoices get paid, than Populous will have more lenders than they will no what to do with. However, if they don’t properly vet their borrows, the platform could end before it ever takes off.



What we like:

Populous is a unique idea to bring invoice financing to the blockchain. Invoice financing is allowing businesses to sell their unpaid invoices at a discount for cash. Populus allows individuals to be the lenders as well as the borrows. For this type of market place Populus will look for quality over quantity customers giving it a chance to be successful before mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. They also plan to PPT to fiat available through their platform which will be a major attraction to big businesses that are not familiar with crypto exchanges.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: PayPie, SALT

Current Supply: 41,252,246

Algorithm: Not Mineable