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What we don't like:

PayPie wants to integrate into many platforms including accounting giant, quickbooks. There is nothing stopping other companies from creating their own blockchain to mimic PayPie. PayPie says their implantation will lower financial fraud, however, with IOT implantation, businesses can still lie about what they enter into their PayPie software.  




What we like:

PayPie integrates single ledger technology into an already existing accounting software such as Slickpie. The PayPie platform changes the way businesses are audited, moving all their transactions, onto the blockchain. PayPie compiles real-time credit scores on businesses using their software allowing for easier loan access. PayPie is incorporating one-click invoice financing. This makes receiving funds easier for the business, while simultaneously lowering the risk for the lender because the companies financial records are available. The PayPie team comes from an existing accounting software, Slickpie. They have the experience to know where improvements in the software are needed. They will integrate PayPie into Slickpie, giving themselves an immediate audience. PayPie has the potential to be a massive success if enough businesses implement their program.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Populous

Current Supply: 82,500,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable