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What we don't like:

You can expect to hold this coin for a good amount of time if you wish to realize the potential gains that it holds. The platform is not currently ready to be used. They will first need to get merchants, but it can be tough to get merchants without any end users. There is also a lot of negative press surrounding the fact that the developers abandoned the shadow project platform which affects people's trust in the Particl project.

What we like:

There is a market for what this project is trying to serve. Particl produces heavy layers of privacy and cryptography. Privacy is highly regarded in the cryptocurrency space. An entire marketplace that allows for privacy is beneficial not only from a peer to peer standpoint, but business to business as well. Particl is also a Proof of stake coin that allows you to earn PART just by holding it in your wallet. The Lead developer of Particl was also the lead developer of the shadow project, which is a technology privacy platform.


Blockchain: Particl

Similar Coins: Syscoin, Monero

Current Supply: 7,720,117

Algorithm: Not Mineable (Staking)