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What we don't like:

OmiseGO is a very ambitious project that very might possibly be taking on too much. Asset-backed blockchain payment gateways, along with decentralized exchanges as well as a messaging network may be a lot to take on. Omise is still a concept, therefore the token at the moment represents a promise of value.



What we like:

OmiseGO is an extension of the company Omise. Based in Singapore with offices all over thailand and japan, OmiseGO is backed by a real company that already exists. Omise helps businesses implement payment methods that customers will use. OmiseGO has the ability to help cryptocurrency scale to the mainstream. The team is well established and the advisors are heavy hitters in the cryptocurrency space. They are building their own wallet system and blockchain. Partnerships are already in place for OmiseGO with their largest being McDonald's in Thailand. OmiseGO is one of the most promising coins in the crypto marketplace.


Current Supply: 102,042,552

Algorithm: Not Mineable