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What we don't like:

The team behind NXT, Jelurida has moved on to a new project Ardor that is the evolution of NXT. If you are interested in the NXT project, invest in Ardor. The Jelurida team is still updating the NXT ecosystem, however that is likely to phase out in the next few years running the full project on Ardor.


What we like:

NXT is a multifunctional cryptocurrency. NXT has a built in asset exchange in its wallet, which allows users to pair any asset, say usd, coupons, bonds, tangible items, exc. to NXT. The NXT exchange acts as an intermediary for all these NXT pairs to be exchanged. The forging process on the Nxt chain is unique. It is similar to dividends because holding more tokens is the mining process. Therefore the more tokens you hold the more you receive from “mining” forging.  


Blockchain: Nxt

Similar Coins: ArdorOmni, Ignis

Current Supply: 998,999,942

Algorithm: Not Mineable (Forgeable)