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What we don't like:

Regulations, CryptoFantasySports has to deal with a lot of regulations in the US. They are not available in several US states. This is why they have the NoCostFantasySports website. It lacks a lot of the features available on their main site. It seems you can’t have a fiat to crypto pairing and skirt regulations.



What we like:

NoLimitCoins is used by the daily fantasy sports website CryptoFantasysports offers lower fees than their non crypto competitor DraftKings and Fanduel. You can also purchase NLC2 coins directly from their website using Fiat. This gives them a huge upper hand compared to most fantasy gambling sites. CryptoFantasySports also has two other websites for Fiat users. for free role games. NoLimitCoin makes great use of cryptocurrency. An internal working currency than can be traded into other cryptocurrencies or fiat.


Blockchain: NLC2

Similar Coins: FunFair, Edgeless

Current Supply: 73,327,268

Algorithm: Not Mineable (Staking)