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What we like:

Nimiq’s plan is to bring mass adoption of the blockchain by having browser-based mining. This allows anyone to mine Nimiq without having to build an expensive mining infrastructure. Nimiq has delivered on the promises of its ICO. Nimiq released its own blockchain, moving away from an Ethereum token. 




What we don't like:

Nimiq really is not easy-to-use. If they want to become a mass adoption platform, they have a long road ahead. Creating a wallet was tedious and not any easier than creating other crypto wallets. The browser mining runs smoothly. However, the rewards are tiny. At my current internet speed, I was bringing in less than a dollar a month. Good mining rewards are important to build a quality blockchain infrastructure. In its current state, it’s difficult to see what would attract people to browser mining over staking or running nodes. They all seem to require the same amount of computing power with Nimiq’s browser mining offering a lower reward.

Current Supply: 2,105,230,054

Algorithm: Argos2

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