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What we don't like:

NEO's value will be dependent on the amount of third-party coins developed on it. Ethereum has a strong lead in this regard. It will be interesting to watch if NEO takes projects away from Ethereum, or it attracts new projects just now coming into the crypto space. If there is only room for one big platform coin in the crypto space, it’s likely to be Ethereum. However, NEO could easily be the Apple to Ethereum's Microsoft.



What we like:

NEO is the evolution of Ethereum. It is a platform in which creators can can use a plethora of coding languages to write their own blockchain on the NEO platform. There is no mining in NEO, which saves energy costs. NEO is extremely fast to send and receive. NEO pays dividends in Gas. NEO allows for community voting on the direction of the NEO projects. If NEO were to be updated it would need to be voted on by all NEO holders. The NEO project is also working on smaller projects within NEO including a decentralized exchange protocol, distributed storage protocol, and anti-quantum computing protocol. Unlike most Ethereum competitors, NEO already has cryptocurrencies released on their platform that were not developed in-house.


Similar Coins: Aeternity, Ark, Ardor, Asch, Cardano, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Lisk, Metaverse ETP

Blockchain: NEO

Current Supply: 65,000,000

Algorithm: Not Mineable