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What we don't like:

NEM as a functional coin has no unique features that are solving any major problems. NEM as a business platform currently has few tokens on their public platform which is concerning because they have been around since 2014. NEM has a lot of competitors that recently joined the crypto space. They were unable to gain partnerships before, with the amount of competitors in the space, it will only become harder.  

What we like:

NEM holds a unique consensus protocol in its proof of importance algorithm. The coin has low transaction fees and the fact that there are no miners means 1/100th of the energy used in bitcoin is used to send NEM. NEM its highly scalable with 3000 transactions per second able to be handled. The circulating supply is fixed therefore no chance of inflation. There's an built in messaging system as an added feature. NEM is a platform blockchain for businesses who want to incorporate private or public into their business.


Blockchain: NEM

Similar Coins: Stratis, Dragonchain, Nebilo, Qtum

Current Supply: 8,999,999,999

Algorithm: Not Mineable