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What we don't like:

Being late to the party. Privacy coins are huge in the cryptocurrency marketplace, and there are many with higher market caps than NAV Coin. The most concerning is that people will flock to the most commonly used privacy cryptocoins. Right now, NAV Coin is just outside the top three most popular privacy coins. If the market is able to sustain five large privacy coins then NAV Coin will be okay. However, there is no guarantee there is room for more privacy coins in the crypto market long-term.

What we like:

NAV Coin uses a duel blockchain private payment option that can be turned on or off. If you wish to send your payment privately you just turn on the privacy setting in NAV Coin’s easy-to-use wallet. It then scrambles both the IP address of the sender and the wallet address of the receiver. The privacy payment can be turned off which is nice when you want your payments available on the public ledger. NAV Coin’s team is media friendly, giving weekly updates, releasing frequent articles on Medium and other social websites.


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Blockchain: NAVTech

Current Supply: 61,791,390

Algorithm: Proof of Stake