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What we don't like:

It’s still too early to know if DAG structures provide more benefits than blockchains. Mining provides constant incentives to maintain the blockchain infrastructure as well as gives cryptocurrencies floor prices. With the zero fee transactions of DAG, it is easy to see a situation in which the specific infrastructure is abandoned entirely.


What we like:

Nano is a realistic use case for implementation of a DAG system. It is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency, with almost no transfer time and zero fees. If the lightning network is not able to make Bitcoin and Litecoin better, spendable currencies like Nano may be able to fill the void. Nano does not have the store of value Bitcoin does in making it a digital gold. However, it can be very useful as a digital cash.


Blockchain: (DAG) Nano

Similar Coins: Byteball Bytes, IOTA

Current Supply: 133,248,289

Algorithm: Not Mineable