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What we don't like:

Currently, Monero is very difficult to use within the wallet compared to other coins. We expect this to change over the course of time. It is very possible that governments across the world may possibly ban crypto currencies with privacy functions as well. If this does happen you can expect an initial price shock from inexperienced speculative investors, but the price would stabilize soon as there is no way for governments to track senders or receivers of Monero.

What we like:

Monero is a private untraceable cryptocurrency. No one has the ability to see where it came from, where it went or how much was transferred. They have a deflationary protective feature that will add .3 monero coins to the system every minute once all of the original coins are mined into the ecosystem. Transaction fees are low, speed is 1-2 min transaction confirmation times. Monero is actually one of the first cryptocurrencies that is being used on a wide scale for commerce reasons other than simply speculative trading.


Current Supply: 15,360,528

Algorithm: CryptoNight