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What we don't like:

The premium cards are pretty expensive. Costing 50,500,500,000 Monacos respectively, these premium cards are ones with exciting features such as cash back and free ATM withdrawals. With Monaco’s current price around $15 users will have to decide if this is worth the features. It is a lifetime fee but still, that’s risky to pay for a new company in a new industry.


What we like:

Monaco is a crypto-to-fiat debit card. It allows users to spend BTC or ETH in a manner that is converted to the fiat currency of the country in which they are located. Monaco allows for free ATM withdrawals up to a limit depending on the card. It is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their crypto directly without having to use an exchange to bring the money into their bank account. Monaco is a perfect choice for traveling because the conversion is automatic into the fiat currency of the user's current location. Monaco has a strong team who  previously worked in the debit card/banking industry.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: TenX, Centra

Current Supply: 9,814,875

Algorithm: Not Mineable