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What we don't like:

30% of the tokens will be held by the developers. This seems to be a large amount of tokens that may hinder investment. MobileGo faces two of the biggest competitors in the mobile gaming industry in Google and Apple. To say they will ever be bigger than these two behemoths is a long stretch. It will take some time or a catalyst to boost the adoption rate of the consumption of gaming on this platform.


What we like:

MobileGo is an ambitious project that has potential to disrupt mobile gaming by providing game developers faster payout dates, better revenue shares compared to other host platforms and faster waiting times for game upload speeds. If a mobile game happens to be on google play already it can be uploaded to Mobilego with in minutes. Mobilego will only take a 10% revenue share on game and in-app purchases. The upside to an Mobilego investment can be handsome. The token itself will never undergo inflation. A small piece of the gaming market can be potentially huge.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: GameCredits

Current Supply: 98,028,887

Algorithm: Not Mineable