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What we don't like:

I don't think Minex will ever be seen as a quality stable price token. People want a stable price token when they want to short an asset. Minex itself fluctuates too much for that purpose. In Minex first month the price went from $1.23 to $70 to $22. It could be a quality investment, but it makes for a horrible pegged asset token.



What we like:

The Minexbank is a great idea to move to a decentralized banking model. The Minexbank allows holders to keep their MinexCoins in their account while gaining the interest they would in a traditional banking style. Actually much higher interest than a traditional bank. A system called parking has users keep them in their wallet with the idea they won’t be spent or traded.  As a way to maintain  a stable Minex price the interest for coins held increases as the price goes down and the interest rate for the coins decreases as the price goes up. This incentives buying and selling to allow Minex to hold a stable price.


Similar Coins: Stellar Lumens, Ripple, BitShares, DigixDAO, Tether

Blockchain: Minex

Current Supply: 3,000,000

Algorithm: Mars