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What we don't like:

ETP may be trying to do too much. Once the total value of digital assets reaches a certain level, it will become profitable to attack the Metaverse system and short its digital assets on the exchange. They must be able to keep the cost of mining within the cost of the total value of the digital assets.




What we like:

Metaverse ETP is designed to facilitate low-cost, convenient transfer of digitized personal data and assets. This project is going to help lead the future in digitizing real world assets and placing it on the blockchain. Eric Gu is the CEO of ETP. He is a very technologically savvy entrepreneur and he has been working on ETP since 2014. He is also one of the leaders of View Fin, the company that is developing ETP which has a staff of about 70 employees. Metaverse will be in direct competition with NEO but they will also be tapping into other niches within the crypto space. They are also creating an infrastructure for digital identity design or an avatar, which is similar to what Civic is attempting to accomplish.


Similar Coins: Aeternity, Ark, Ardor, Asch, Cardano, Civic, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Lisk, NEOOmni

Blockchain: Metaverse ETP

Current Supply: 36,491,694

Algorithm: Ethash