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What we don't like:

Due to the fact that the melonport platform will be decentralized, it will be difficult to foresee any problems on the network, forcing these problems to be experienced by the end users before being addressed. Melonport’s reliance on blockchain immensely for limitations in speed as well. The system is limited by the time it takes till the next block is mined, but fortunately the rayden network should fix this problem. The decentralization aspect also means developers will rely heavily on 3rd parties modules. This will cause adaptability and upgrades to the network to be at a slower rate than competitors.

What we like:

Melonport allows for anyone to set up a portfolio. Performance monitoring using the blockchain allows for the most talented investors to be rewarded with visibility for their skill. This can attract investors to the platform because it will allow for them to gain visibility and grow there track record. Melonport has the main advantages of transparency, lower costs, and variability.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: ICONOMI, MCAP

Current Supply: 599,400

Algorithm: Not Mineable