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What we don't like:

Owning the Lykke token is owning a share in the Lykke company. As an exchange, Lykke has very low volume. Only about 2 million dollars a day. It is ranked 64th in exchange volume. For Lykke to succeed as an exchange, its volume needs to increase by 1000%. They are not yet licensed in the US. The Lykke company does offer other services such as consulting. Therefore, if their exchange is unsuccessful, the stock still retains value.

What we like:

Lykke is a mobile-only exchange and wallet. It’s one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges to allow for exchange between fiat currencies. The interface is easy-to-use. The on-boarding process is simple, and the exchange takes no fees.


Blockchain: Lykke

Similar Coins: KuCoin Shares, Binance Coin

Current Supply: 269,022,423

Algorithm: Not Mineable