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What we don't like:

There are a lot of decentralized exchanges. Only a few will survive in the long run. Loopring’s protocol of exchanging ERC20 tokens is not very impressive. We need to see the decentralized exchanging between different blockchain to feel that Loopring will rise to the top of the many decentralized exchange protocol tokens.


What we like:

Loopring is a decentralized exchange protocol. Decentralized exchanges may see a rise in popularity if governments continue to tighten regulations on cryptocurrency. Unlike other decentralized exchange, Loopring allows the users to send their ERC tokens directly from their wallet and receive the new token. Loopring plans to extend this technology to allow for token transfer between blockchain. This would make Loopring a way to connect individuals who want to trade cryptocurrency in a peer to peer format.


Similar Coins: 0x, Bancor, BitShares, Blocknet, Enigma, Kyber Network, OmiseGO

Blockchain: Ethereum

Current Supply: 286,170,756

Algorithm: Not Mineable