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What we don't like:

Lisk’s main competition when it started was Ethereum. Since then over fifty cryptocurrencies have been written on Ethereum, while zero have been written on Lisk. In the years since Lisk’s development their competition has increased tenfold. Lets hope their unique features are able to make them one of the main choices amongst blockchain companies.

What we like:

Lisk is a platform based on javascript. There are a lot of platform blockchains on the market, however Lisk has some unique aspects. Lisk uses side chains for Dapps running on its network. Opposed to Ethereum that leaves it on the main chain. Lisk allows for currencies written on its platform to host their own master nodes. Lisk allows usernames, connected to wallets. This is a huge feature. One of the biggest hurdles in crypto for newcomers is the long wallet addresses.


Current Supply: 114,491,575

Algorithm: Not Mineable