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What we don't like:

LEOcoin was founded by Dan Anderson and Atif Kamran - who were previously linked to pyramid schemes. LEOcoin certainly feels like it is in the same vein. I was unable to find any other LEOcoin team members which is unusual given the amount of projects they are simultaneously “working on”.LEOcoin has a surface level interest in as many crypto-related things as possible. With any digging there is little depth to any of the projects. The LEO exchange only handles about $4,000 in volume a day. I called a random merchant they are “partnered with” from their website - Busy Bee Mart - using the number listed on LEOcoin’s website. The person who answered had never heard of the Busy Bee Mart. I googled the actual Busy Bee Mart gave them a call, and they never heard of LEOcoin. The high return on LEOcoin being held in the LEOcoin wallet makes the LEOcoin market cap grow without an actual growth of the interest in LEOcoin. Outside of the fact that this appears to be a massive scam, I don't see any of the advantages LEOcoin has over any existing cryptocurrencies.

What we like:

LEOcoin: the coin from Learning Enterprises Organisations. It seems to have its hands on everything a cryptocurrency possibly can. Including a LEOcoin Exchange, LEOcoin bank, LEOcoin foundation, LEOcoin e-learning website, LEOcoin wallet, LEOcoin TV, and LEOcoin products. LEOcoin has a high return for holding LEOcoin in the LEOcoin wallet. If you hold 50,000 LEOcoin, their website advertises you receive a 20% return per year. However, quickly after, they discuss how the return fluctuates.


Similar Coins: Aidos Kuneen, Bitdeal, FirstCoin, Veritaseum

Blockchain: LEOcoin insight

Current Supply: 90,302,437

Algorithm: proof-of-stake