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What we don't like:

The competition of 0x may have an effect on the Kyber Network market share. They may have lower fees due to the fact that the developers and project need the extra money for liquidity to the exchange. 0x is also a protocol, this means many dApps can be run using the 0x protocol. Kyber Network will also need to incentivize liquidity managers because to be able to provide liquidity for every cryptocurrency is going to be cash intensive.


What we like:

Vitalik Buterin is only an official advisor for a few projects and Kyber Network is one of them. Kyber Network is an instantaneous, trustless decentralized exchange. They will keep a reserve of the tradable cryptocurrencies on hand, so the exchange will be highly liquid. Users can pay anyone with any token. The Kyber Network team is on pace with the roadmap. The token itself can be used as a platform currency, therefore, over time increasing the value of the token. The token will also have a reward feature that incentivizes users to help with the growth of traffic and the overall network. Kyber Network is backed by well-known VC investors.


Similar Coins: 0x, Bancor, BitShares, Blocknet, Enigma, Loopring, OmiseGO

Blockchain: KyberNetwork

Current Supply: 134,132,697

Algorithm: Not Mineable