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What we don't like:

If the ICO’s that are on the KickCoin platform don’t stand out from other ICO’s than it may not be worth it for ICO investors to spend significant amount of time on KickCoin ICO platform. It will be interesting experiment to see if ICO’s need a kickstarter platform since ICO’s are crowdfunding project themselves without have to give a 4% fee to a website. They’re still a ways from being able to except Fiat directly which will limit growth from non crypto users.



What we like:

KickCoin has a great set up in creating a kickstarter for ICO’s. Giving investors KickCoin rewards it allows for a finical backup if the project doesn’t work. This could be a huge incentive for people to move projects from traditional crowdfunding platforms to KickCoin. KickCoin will be screening and assisting ICO’s on their platform. The interface looks safe and easy to use. It can really easy some people’s fear about the scams involved in ICO’s. KickCoin will be holding 4% of coins from all ICO’s on their platform in a fund. If a few of the ICO’s on KickCoin become strong projects expect great returns.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Similar Coins: Dragonchain, Wings

Current Supply: 321,137,782

Algorithm: Not Mineable