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What we don't like:

IOTA may be ahead of its time. The technology for Bitcoin and blockchains is still not mainstream. IOTA is ready to be the next evolution of that technology. If IOTA is able to main through the blockchain evolution, they could succeed. They also have a lot of competition in the Internet of Things space as it’s becoming very popular amongst blockchain tech. That being said they’re are very few approaching it with a DAG.  There’s no financial incentives to host an IOTA node. IOTA is relying on the holders of IOTA to run a node in hopes to increase the value of IOTA. This could put IOTA in a situation where their price crashes and it takes the network with it.

What we like:

IOTA is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph), which advertises itself as the evolution of the blockchain. With the IOTA technology you get the benefits of having a disrupted ledger without, the cost difficulty in sending micropayments. DAG’s don’t using mining which saves on energy costs as well. IOTA is meant to function on the Internet of Things. The ability to link tangible assets to the benefits of the internet. IOTA is also immune to quantum computing hacks. Depending on how quickly the technology for quantum computing arrives IOTA could be very useful. IOTA is a platform allow other currencies to be created on their DAG space tangle.


Blockchain: (DAG) tangle

Similar Coins: Byteball BytesOmni, Nano

Current Supply: 2,779,530,283

Algorithm: Not Mineable