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What we don't like:

It is hard to understand the value of Ignis on its own. It can be used for payment on the Ardor platform, but so can the Ardor token. If I was interested in purchasing Ignis, I would probably purchase 10 Ardor for every 1 Ignis. Unless Ardor becomes wildly successful, it’s possible having both Ignis and Ardor available will hurt the price of both.

What we like:

Ignis is a huge step for the Ardor platform. It proves that the Ardor platform works, and can have child chains written on it. This is a lot more than most Ethereum competitors can say, as many of them are still ERC-20 tokens.


Blockchain: Ardor

Similar Coins: Ardor, Nxt

Current Supply: 761,143,950

Algorithm: Not Mineable