"The vision of the ICON Project is to redefine the meaning of communities, and in doing so, introduce an era of decentralization.We envision creating a new world by connecting such communities. Communities today are commonly defined by its social and political functions and limited to the economic boundaries set forth by nation states. Through ICON, communities can go beyond and be free from traditional economic system and promote frictionless value exchanges with other communities,  eventually resulting in maximum total utility of society. ICON is not limited to the real world, but it directly connects and communicates with the crypto world creating the most robust network that can scale without limits.

The ICON Project aims to build a decentralized network that allows independent blockchains with

different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries. Anyone can create a new blockchain project and join the network. A new blockchain project is free to connect with existing projects and create new unique worlds, or blockchain multiverse. ICON itself can be viewed as both a living organism and an ecosystem.

ICON is a vision with a proven track record and has progressed beyond the initial concept stage. ICON

already boasts communities comprised of reputable institutions banks, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, and more. A future with faster money remittance and frictionless value exchange of securities, medical records, academic data, insurance fees is within our reach.

With ICON, we now enter into a world of true hyperconnectivity."

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What we don't like:

Personally, I’m not sold on the idea of community blockchains. There are a few different coins trying to implement this. ICON value is based on the organizations with whom they choose to partner. At this point, their blockchain system is too complicated for major public adoption.

What we like:

ICON is a platform that doesn’t have to compete with Ethereum. With so many new coins trying to become Ethereum 2.0, this is a breath of fresh air. ICON plans to have community run DAPP’s, with a built-in governance system for each. This could have a lot of use for companies to selectively share data with one another.


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Blockchain: Loopchain

Current Supply: 386,142,514

Algorithm: Not Mineable