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What we don't like:

It’s difficult to see how this is a valuable need for the market. Right now you can swap between DAG’s and blockchain coins through exchanges. Hcash is also dependent on DAG’s overtaking the crypto market, making it valuable to exchange them between blockchain coins. They may be way ahead of their time. With all the questions around Hcash’s value and usability I would person wait for the release of the Hcash platform and watch the usage of IOTA and Byteball Bytes, before investing.

What we like:

The technology behind Hcash to connect DAG’s with traditional blockchain’s could have use in the future. Hcash could partner with a decentralized exchange to allow for direct swaps between IOTA and BTC.


Blockchain: UTXO

Similar Coins: N/A

Current Supply: 33,740,162

Algorithm: Not Mineable